National key high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, production and sales of high performance permanent magnetic materials
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  • 2019



                                                                                        · Brose: 2019 key supplier

                                                            · Highly: Best Technical Cooperation Award

                                                   · Restructured : as a joint-stock company

                 ·Passed:GB / T 29490-2013 intellectual property system certification

       · Awarded:the Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise in Inner-Monger  

    · Awarded:Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Demonstration Enterprise in 


          ·Awarded:the first batch of Innovation-led Private Enterprises in Baotou    

  • 2018 (30th Anniversary)

    ·  The company was awarded as ‘Technology Little Giant’ by Baotou
         Government and ‘outstanding Private Enterprise in Inner Mongolia’
         by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government’

    ·  Both Automatic NdFeB material plant and the 2nd machining plant, 

      which are exclusively for EV/HEV of OEM have finished the design 


  • 2017

    · New coating plants were used to enlarge the finished products capacity

    · Continuous Strip casting furnace & Continuous sintering furnace (Made in             Japan) was run in batch production

    · DDP prod. Capacity was extended to more than 1000 tons

  • 2016

       · With annual output of 4300 tons, Tianhe became one of the leading 

           permanent magnet producers in China

  • 2015

    · SmCo production was transferred from Tianhe (Taiyuan) to Tianhe (Baotou)

    · During the RE Industrial transformation & upgrading period, the Ministry of

       Industry & Information Technology awarded two major projects to Tianhe for 

     its RE Magnets (NdFeB and SmCo) exclusively used in New Energy Vehicles &

       Military Devices

  • 2014

       · Tianhe (Baotou) Plant No.2 was put into operation with newly designed jet 

         milling machine, pressing machine and sintering furnace

       · Tianhe(Baotou) Surface Treatment Plant was put into operation

       · Tianhe(Tianjin) NdFeB production line was transferred to Tianhe (Baotou)

  • 2013

    · JV-Guangsheng Tianhe, established in Longnan county, Ganzhou, to secure 

     the steady supply of Heavy Rare Earth

  • 2012

       · New technology DDP was put it into mass production

  • 2011

    · Tianhe (Baotou) was formally put into production. Meanwhile, DDP was 


    · Tianhe(Taiyuan) was transferred to produce SmCo magnets with the capacity 

     of 200 Tons/year

  • 2008 (20th Anniversary)

        · Tianhe (Baotou) Advanced Tech Magnet Co., Ltd. was set up in Baotou

               Rare Earth Hi-tech Industrial Park, Inner Mongolia. China

        · One-site build out capacity of 10,000 tons of NdFeB

        · The Equipment Plant was founded to manufacture all the Production

               Equipment used in Strip Casting, Jet Milling, Pressing, Sintering, etc.

        · Passed TS16949, ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 certification

  • 2003

    · Tianhe (Tianjin) Advanced Tech Magnet Co., Ltd. was established

    · Annual capacity of 3000 tons of NdFeB

    · Automatic Pressing Machine was developed

    · Passed ISO9001, ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 certification

  • 1998 (10th Anniversary)

       · Independent developed: Jet-Milling machine & Sintering furnace

       · Highest performance in China: 44H & 48M

       · Passed ISO9000 certification

  • 1993

    · Tianhe (Taiyuan) Advanced Tech Co. was established

    · Annual capacity of 100 tons of NdFeB permanent magnets

  • 1988

       · Taiyuan Connector Factory was established in Taiyuan, China

       · Cable connectors for petroleum exploration